Back To School: Home Edition

By: Mei Snow @msnowey

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T'is the season for back to school, the symbol of summer ending and longer days ahead - this, however, does not have to be all bad! For the students doing online classes, there can still be some fun in shopping for back to school supplies, whether it be a particular brand of notebooks or pens, to finding cute outfits to wear on zoom classes that can double as pajamas! 

For the office building workers, just the same, it is essential to be able to look professional while at the same time being effortlessly comfortable. A multifunctional wardrobe can do just that! The mere act of getting up and changing into different clothes helps symbolize the start of the day stay on a schedule. 

Top 3 multifunctional pieces: 

1. Button-down shirt (Shining White Button Shirt)

A button-down shirt is great for the professional woman to appear 100% business casual with the ease of throwing it over a tank top or any other pajama you are already wearing! Effortlessly wear it as a statement piece or a cover-up to appear prepared and professional on zoom. 

2. Cozy set (High Waist Cozy Lounge Knit Set)

You can sleep in this set and be uber comfortable, and the top is still presentable for any zoom call imaginable! Wear the outfit to sleep for a leisurely morning; switch out the shorts for slacks and be on the way downtown for a comfortable, productive day!

3. One Piece (olive Brooklyn jumpsuit)

One-piece outfits are the easiest way to go to look put together with minimal effort! No need for mixing and matching in the pre-coffee state of mind, just throw on the one piece that looks fabulous anywhere and rock it effortlessly!

With the increase of businesses requesting in-office work and universities holding some in-person classes, there is an increased push to go back to the "normal life," but it doesn't have to be all bad! Follow for more life tips and inspiration. Stay safe! 

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