Fallin Into Fashion

By: @msnowey

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It is September, the temperature is dropping and dare I say, it’s time to break out the sweaters! 


It felt like summer went by all too slow, and yet incredibly fast at the same time. September brings me memories of apple picking, seeing friends, and running around to enjoy the perfect weather of not sweating and not freezing. As the weather cools, it’s time to break out the cute cardigans and sweaters, maybe some denim and boots if you feel up for it! 


When I think of fall fashion, I think denim that was too heavy for summer, cute heeled boots, sweaters, and oversized blazers.


A look that I have been absolutely adoring recently is the a-line skirt and slightly oversized sweater look! It is simple and cute for walking around running errands or going out to get food with friends. The skirt keeps it cool and looks like you put in more effort while the sweater gives the cozy happy vibe. Skirt could be a tennis skater skirt or a staple denim skirt to get more of the fall feel. The sweater can be any cut, any material to fit your personal style. Dress it professional by adding a collar shirt underneath to peak out and have a modest hemline, or style it for a night out with a leather miniskirt and a low back knit! The combo is so versatile to fit everyone's need! 


Another look I adore is putting an oversized blazer on top of anything! Instantly looks more put together and adds another layer to stay comfortable. The worst thing is dressing for the morning weather and then temperature shooting to high- 80’s by the afternoon and being stuck sweating. Layers are the most important thing with changing seasons. 


What are some of your favorite looks? Leave a comment below and something you're excited about for this new season! 

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