Finding a Place of Zen For Parents Home Schooling

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For parents, it is often difficult to find your Zen sometimes when your children are at home all day. It is important to create a schedule for your kids and, make sure it is in a place that is easy to view by all. This way, kids are mindful that there is a schedule to go by.

As the famous saying goes, “it takes a village” in order for children to grow in a safe and healthy environment.

So, get your markers, chalk or whatever you have to create a schedule that’s suitable for you and your child. Also, let them participate so they feel like they have ownership of their schedules.

 Here are some ideas to get you started:

Sample Home School Daily Schedule:

8:00a: Breakfast

9:00a: Sign online for class

10:30a: Break (snack)

Noon: Lunch

1:00p – Back to online class

Until a class is over (finish up any Homework or other work that needs to be done)

4:30p – 5:00p: Dinner

5:00p – 8:00p: Desert in between and add anything they want to do for fun

8:00p: Shower

9:00p: Bedtime

Some Tips:

  • Take breaks when necessary
  • Try to make it fun
  • Motivate them by negotiating extra playtime if schoolwork is completed sooner
  • For children that have a hard time adapting to online classes, root for 2-4 academic hours
  • Hold a daily wrap up meeting. Talk with your child about their perspective on how the day went, what they learned, etc.

Make it Your Own

Every family runs their household a different way, but hopefully, this will help out for families that are a little overwhelmed with home school and working from home at the same time. The younger your child is, the tougher it can be. When you work with your child to create a schedule, you will see how helpful it can be for you and them!

Know Your child

If you know your child then you already know what their flaws are. Learning online can be hard for people. Every child has a different learning style so it is important to know your child’s learning style.


On the weekends if you know your child is passionate about something create a project for them where they can express their passion.

Space for learning

As an adult at home, you need a workspace the same goes for your child, make sure your child has his or her own workspace.

Zen for yourself and your child

During this time we are all feeling overwhelmed, put on a movie, play a board game or go for a walk.

Below is a list of great online resources to help motivate your child, enhance their learning experience, encourage reading books, and links for supplies. My son currently uses the planner listed below and has been using it since 9 years old.  

Great Resources

Learning Resources:

Virtual Activities:

Live Cooking Class

Children’s Museum

Puppet Shows

Fitness and Yoga for kids 2-8

Dance Classes

Other items:


Chalk board

Dry Erase Board





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