Freedom Of The Mask

By: Mei Snow


Photos By: @tokyofashion

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As the midpoint of 2020 has just passed, it is easy to say much has happened in the past few months. Some places are starting to reopen, and others are beginning to reclose due to the spikes in virus cases. One way to help stop the spread is by wearing a mask - but fret not, masks can help express freedom and individuality!

Masks don't need to be the dull look of surgical masks (which everyday consumers shouldn't be buying anyway, save it for the healthcare workers,) but they can become a fashion statement!

Fashion masks started in Asia, but due to the pandemic, Americans are also joining in the mask-wearing scene. We can learn from other countries and create our own take, possibly even create a new trend. 

In China, face masks were on the runway at Fashion Week 2014 for the SS15 collections with some stunning designs like the look pictured below by Yin Peng's collection (silver mask) and Masha Ma's design(white embroidery).

In South Korea, many idols used it as a fashion statement in KPOP music videos and concept art to aid in the creative story behind songs and shows.

In Japan since H1N1 in 2009, people have been wearing masks as a preventative tactic, and some fantastic designs have come! Below are some photographs from displaying unique designs to showcase the variety that masks can come in! 

People in Asian countries habitually wear masks to keep the community safe, and it has been shown to work. Don't be afraid, embrace the look, and express yourself! Make masks a statement piece like another accessory to your own fashion. 

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