Level up your gratitude

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When you feel a great amount of gratitude there is no space in you to feel down. Gratitude can be hard to feel if you are having a hard time in life. Hard times in life make it difficult to be thankful and easier to blame mistakes, guilt, and everything that is not going the way you want it to be, or shall I say your form of perfection. To put things more in a positive perspective here are some ways to level up your gratitude within yourself and what’s around you.


Thank you for

waking me up

Every day you wake up to what we call life, you are breathing, and this can be taken for granted most of the time. As humans we go to sleep thinking about the next day not realizing we woke up another day in the year. How we breathe tells us a lot about stress levels and being calm. When we practice taking a deep breath, we can purge our minds and bodies, which eventually affect our brains in a positive way. Practice taking deep breaths in and out slowly reminding yourself of the potential of waking up in the morning thanking your existence.


Thank you

for yourself

Sometimes we give ourselves less credit than we deserve because we are so focused on what we think is not enough (you know the rule you made in your head). Hold your head up high, and thank you for yourself, because you came a long the way, you made it happen by committing and putting in your hard work. Reward yourself with relaxation make time to reflect your gratitude for yourself.


Thank you

for nature

Some of us probably don’t get to see a beautiful garden, landscape or views of hills of mountains every day. It is proven experiencing nature can make us happy. There is something about beautiful nature that brings ease to our soul.  Enjoy any form of nature around you it can be a place in your neighborhood or your house plants or scenery outside your window, enjoy and be thankful for nature.


Thank you for

our yesterdays

We live and learn from yesterday’s, but sometimes we spend too much time thinking about the past and what could have been. We should thank our yesterday’s because they are memorable experiences that we learned from, which brought us here today. Our yesterdays are a projection of our growth in life. Always Practice giving gratitude to our yesterday’s.


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