Skincare Products Refrigeration 101



 By: @_p_asha
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Getting a personal Chiller for your skincare products can extend the shelf life of some products. Keeping products with retinol and Vitamin C in cold temperature slows down the ingredients degradation.  When refrigeration of skincare products it depends on the formula, most skincare companies have created their products to withstand room temperature unless brand advices keeping the product in a cool temperature.  Just be mindful that not all beauty products should be stored in a refrigerator, because it can become less effective. Once product is stored in cool temperature after using the product it should be returned to the refrigerator. Here is a list of types of products you should keep in your personal chiller.


  • Beauty tools: Gua Shas, Facial rollers, and Applicators
  • Gel based Cleansers for facial care
  • Liquid base products: toners, and hydrating facial mist
  • Serums: Eye and facial serums
  • Mask: Sheet masks, and overnight masks, Detox mask
  • Creams: moisturizers, and eye creams
  • Products with retinol and vitamin C
  • Organic skincare and facial products (unless states to keep at room temperature)
  • Homemade facial and skincare products
  • Lip masks

 Do not

  • Putting facial oils in the refrigerator separation can occur.
  • Clay products can harden in the refrigerator depending on the ingredients.

The cooling effect from refrigerated products help the ingredients to soak into your skin faster while enjoying the cooling sensation on your skin, which calms your nerves and make you feel the pampering experience like you were at the SPA.







  • Jae Rich

    Very Informative read! Skincare Coolers or Fridge’s are absolutely essential these days! As an MUA, I find that temperatures and the way products are stored do play a major part in the way products may oxidize. Many natural and gel based products tend to evaporate, change form, consistency and smell when left in warmer climates for long periods of time. Masques, Facial Mists, Eye Creams and Cryo-Sticks are some of my favorite items to chill in the fridge. This is definitely a game changer for your “Self-Care” routines as well as adding to the shelf life of your products.

  • Jasmina B

    This post is really awesome, thanks for sharing! I’m fairly new at keeping my products chilled but I have noticed that the cooling effect definitely helps soothe my dry skin and soaks into my skin quicker. I would like to try chilling my eye cream to de-puff tired eyes. It’s great to read up on useful tips like this!

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