Take It Easy On Yourself. Enjoy The Slow Pace.

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It is known that we are adjusting to our new normal, it’s okay to take your time. Use this time to relax, we are all handling quarantine life differently. Some people feel the need to work on projects around the house or work on a passion they never pursue. While others just want to wind down and enjoy the time off. When all we know is a fast pace environment, most want to take advantage of this slow pace time period, I say do it take advantage of relaxing your mind, body, and spirit. Do not hold yourself accountable for not being productive, keep up with your own pace. 

As we all continue to practice social distancing, here is how the High Flaunting team is currently adjusting:

Pasha White (Founder and CEO):

During quarantine life I am taking this time to slow down, focus on my creative side, being more in tune with meditating, organizing my home, and spending more time with my loved ones. This is also a time that I can spend to tap into my IT’S OKAY SIDE” meaning not to be so hard on myself when it comes to work and personal situations. I also find peace in going for a run when I need a break from work/life. I definitely can’t wait for the warm weather, so I can enjoy going out to my back yard. I am also trying to adapt to our new normal of being at home most of the time.”

Brianne Patrice (social media manager/photographer):

It's been an uncomfortable but eye-opening time for me. During my first week of quarantine, I made better use of my space in ways had not before. When I first moved into Brooklyn, the first piece of furniture I bought was a writing desk. I was so excited to have a place to write again, only since living here I hadn't made much use of it.
Maximize Your Space: Now that we are restricted to being home, I've shifted the way that I create within it - utilizing my writing desk, sitting on my fire escape, and/or using my backyard.
Pay attention to your angel numbers (111, 222, 333, etc): Whenever I see them I've gotten in the practice of affirming myself in that quick moment through mantra or meditation. 
Curate Your Intake: I've curated my Twitter feed muting all Corona, pandemic, and quarantine related words. And have deleted FB from my phone. 
Talk To Spirit: My meditations with Spirit have involved deeper, more intense conversation, fluid body movement, and energy pulls; I listen with both my heart and ears open. We are all in an incubation period. We are cocooning and as scary as times may seem right now, Spirit says not to worry - a new world is on the way.”

Jae Richardson (Brand Make-up artist):

This time in quarantine has put me in a “reflective” state of mind. Catching up on the important things that I’ve missed out on such as time with family, checking in on friends, and working on unfinished projects. Outside of relaxing and regrouping, I’ve gained inspiration and viewing my artistry from different perspectives realizing that I’ve been neglecting my love for painting, drawing, cooking, gardening and so many other things. Isolation has taught me a great deal of things thus far- Turn the world off for a bit, tune some things out and tune into things around you that are important.”

Manny Hall (Brand Marketing):

“During this Quarantine, I have been focused on building stronger relationships with my immediate family. This has given me time to identify areas that I need to work on personally and professionally. I also decided to go on a 14 day raw diet.”

Fruits and veggies

Melba Searcy (Content/Blog Editor):

This quarantine has really forced me to slow down and really focus on how important life is outside of work. I’m grateful to have a job, but I’m even more mindful of my health, goals I wish to accomplish outside of work, my relationship, and the well-being of my friends. I wake up and exercise every morning, put in my time at work, and shut it down at 5:30 p.m. My life no longer revolves around my job. Peace of mind matters so much more.”

Chyna Williams  (Brand Model):

During this Q-Life, I’ve been focusing on training my body and mind to keep moving. We are left without many distractions. Taking advantage and bettering myself leaves me something to look forward to when all is all. I’ve been picking up weights, books, & paint brushes more. I’ve also been making a lot of the food I would go out and buy on a weekly basis.  This unfortunate time emphasizes the gratitude towards my family. When I’m cooking, painting, doing puzzles, or just listening to music I’m glad I can be with them.” 

Valerie Villamizar (Brand Model):

During this pandemic, it is important to stay positive regardless of all the commotion and sadness happening around the world. Evidently, life is very short. This quarantine has opened my eyes and has taught me the importance of living every day to the fullest and making sure nothing is left unsaid. Therefore, I’m doing my best to stay in contact with family, friends, even people I have lost touch with, and raising awareness on what one can do to stay safe and give back. Living life to the fullest to me means not putting off until tomorrow what I can do today. I wake up every morning with a new task, even if it is very small. Doing so motivates me to get out of bed and not waste a single day. For example, one day I might take up the small task of organizing my desk; another day I might challenge myself and completely take on a new hobby such as studying the chakras and holistic practices. Although these times are tough, I hope to come out of this quarantine as a more enlightened person and I am grateful for the support around me and the people I have been able to connect with.

Caterina Leaness (Brand Model):

"I think with this extra time at home, it is the absolute perfect time to look inward and get to know ourselves better. I want to come out of the Covid 19, stay at home orders, with more clarity in my life, with myself and a higher perspective. I think it’s time to reevaluate the things in life that are really important to us and to let go of anything that doesn't serve us anymore and may not be doing us good or may be running us dry. I also love to keep a daily journal, writing down my dreams from the night before and thoughts I have throughout the day. As well as writing down goals that I want to accomplish, along with any fears I feel may be holding me back. I also want to be mindful of places I need to set boundaries in my life. I’m only touching on this right now but I think it’s the perfect time to look inward, to create the best lives for ourselves. I don’t necessarily mind having the extra time at home because there is always something creative I want to work on. I’m also excited to keep up with friends through FaceTime and put more time into relationships, that if I were busy running around town, maybe I would overlook. I am adding workouts in on certain days and a bit of a work schedule from home but I think every day definitely does not have to be the same and its time to get extra creative from home”.



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